Meet the Team


Cindy Bedard: 

Cindy Bedard is Canadore's Recruitment Coordinator. A graduate from Canadore's business program, she has worked for the college for almost 30 years. She is passionate in her job and loves the school. She is also the co-owner of Chisholm's Triple B Ranch in Powassan.


Ric Potvin

Ric Potvin is Canadore's Liason Officer. Ric is a Canadore Alumni, graduating from Canadore's Television and Broadcasting program. He worked for CTV for ten years before returning to Canadore to accept a year long job as a part time professor and full time technician. Seventeen years later, he is still working with us.


Tori Keyes:

Tori Keyes is a student ambassador for Canadore College. Tori is going into the second year of her four year program. She also holds a bachelors degree in History and Religion from Nipissing University.