Meet the Team


Cindy Bedard: 

Cindy Bedard is Canadore's Recruitment Coordinator. A graduate from Canadore's business program, she has worked for the college for almost 30 years. She is passionate in her job and loves the school. She is also the co-owner of Chisholm's Triple B Ranch in Powassan.


Ric Potvin

Ric Potvin is one of Canadore's Liaison Officer. Ric is a Canadore Alumni, graduating from Canadore's Television and Broadcasting program. He worked for CTV for ten years before returning to Canadore to accept a year long job as a part time professor and full time technician. Seventeen years later, he is still working with us.


Jesse Russell:

Jesse Russell is one of Canadore’s Liaison Officer. Jesse is a Canadore Alumni who graduated in Police Foundations before bridging to obtain an honors degree in Criminology from Carleton University. He has previously worked with the RCMP in their fraud unit and at Rogers headquarters as a Senior Investigator. After 10 years split between Toronto and Ottawa he has returned to his hometown and the place he loves as a recruiter.

Christine Corbeil:

Christine Corbeil is one of Canadore’s Liaison Officers. Christine is a graduate of Confederation College – Film Production program. She worked in the film industry for 4 years in Toronto before returning to her hometown of North Bay. At Canadore, Christine’s regular job is Pathways Administrative Person in the Admissions Department, and she is excited to take on a 3 month stint with us as a recruiter.